Here's the plan, for the moment.

The Road ahead.

9/4/20211 min read

It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question. - Eugene Ionesco

Your honor, I reserve the right to re-question the witness. With that said, let's pan this out...

As noted in an earlier post, I stated that I wanted to firm up my foundations on the road to CCNA and CCNP.

I wanted to get a different perspective other than Cisco in doing this, so I had decided to get my CompTIA A+ and then CompTIA Network+ first. Grease the wheel you might say. I am glad I am doing this even though these two certifications are basically entry level certifications, but in my music studies you have to practice the fundamentals in order to stay in good shape to play. To build endurance and to build on those fundamentals. So in my mind it is not a waste of time but a speed ramp to other topics I will come up on with a basic understanding of why a new concept exists.

With that said... the current plan is to:

A) CompTIA A+

B) CompTIA Network+

C) Cisco Packet Tracer (10 hour course)


E) GIT or Python (To be determined)


G) CompTIA Linux

H) CompTIA Security+ or Cisco CCNP Security (To be determined)

From here I will need years of experience before even considering the CCIE path. I want to really know this stuff, not just go for a certification.

Now as stated earlier in this post, I do reserve the right to review this as technology develops, but for now this is good for at least the next few years.

concrete rail road
concrete rail road