Why am I doing this? Because it's there...

Turning the knob on the microscope.


9/5/20211 min read

“Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.” ― Roy T. Bennett

Thinking this over, I am more excited to dive deeper in this field. With the A+ completed, the Network+ planned before this month is over, and CCNA work to begin Oct 1st, I am on track to complete these 3 certs by year's end. Why, because as stated yesterday, I want to move closer to the networking side of IT. I have been wanting to move in this direction for years and now is the time for the goal.

Once these 3 certs are completed, CCNP will be next. From there Security and Linux are on deck followed by Cloud.

There is so much to explore and a wide variety of subtopics, but that is what is so exciting about this field. As I review and study, I already have a lot of experience in most network subtopics, but it is nice to tightly tie them together as I review and remember.

Early in my career I used to perform Site Surveys and then install LANs in travel agencies across the US and Canada. I was basically on a plane everyday. I used to joke that my company car was an MD80. I loved bringing up a new network and the satisfaction it gave me. I was good, and I have the numerous letters of thank you from customers and managers to prove it. I still keep them, not to show others, but to keep me grounded in that it's really about the customer. Being the best tech you can be was not about yourself, it was about doing a great job effectively, efficiently, and seeing a smile from the customer on the way out the door. (I am smiling myself as I write this.)